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Player Controls

walk ➡️ Holds the W key & Releases the S key.

back ➡️ Holds the S key & Releases the W key.

right ➡️ Holds the D key & Releases the A key.

left ➡️ Holds the A key & Releases the D key.

stop ➡️ Releases W, A, S, & D keys.

click ➡️ Left clicks.

use ➡️ Right clicks.

hold ➡️ Holds left click until stop hold is ran.

stop hold ➡️ Releases left click.

drop ➡️ Presses the G key.

Key Presses

flashlight ➡️ Presses the T key.

crouch ➡️ Presses the C key.

sprint ➡️ Toggles sprinting, holds LSHIFT.

stop sprint ➡️ Toggles sprinting, releases LSHIFT.

journal ➡️ Presses the J key.

pickup ➡️ Presses the E key.

Mouse Controls

look up ➡️ Looks up 45 degrees.

look down ➡️ Looks down 45 degrees.

look left ➡️ Looks left 45 degrees.

look right ➡️ Looks right 45 degrees.

These controls are just the basic controls for Phasmophobia, commands may be updated in the future.