Who I am, what I can do, and what I've done.


{ Who am I? }

Hey there! I'm Aiden, known online as Tap. I'm a teenage programmer born in 2007 in the Bay Area of California. I've been coding since I was 9 years old and I have created many projects over that time; from small ideas with friends to bigger projects with entire companies. I am fluent in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Python. I'm also experienced in Lua, C++, and Java.


{ What can I do? }

I can program in a wide range of categories. Including web development, game development, software development, and some back-end stuff dealing with servers and databases. 

I started coding in 2015 learning how to create Minecraft mods; eventually moving on to JavaScript where I learned how to create Discord bots and websites in 2018. Beginning of 2020 during the COVID-19 quarantine, I learned how to program in Lua to create Roblox games. Recently in 2022, I learned Python while creating small projects to automate processes and modify games.

Moving away from programming I have also grown multiple communities online and received sponsorship offers from big companies like RAID Shadow Legends and Salad. These communities were primarily on Discord and YouTube with a size range from 50,000 - 400,000+ people. The communities were usually gaming related.

I also have created YouTube videos since December 2015, acquiring over 1,000,000 total views. Over the years I've created some pretty high-quality videos, thumbnails, logos, icons, banners, and advertisements. I understand presentation and how to hook people's attention. 


{ What have I done? }

= Success, = Failure


A YouTube channel centered around mods and gaming.

2023 (click here)

CSHS Studying

A professional website for high-school students to collaborate and grow.

2023 (click here)


A Minecraft YouTube channel.

2022 (click here)


A Discord server centered around gaming and anime with over 425K members.

2022 (sold for $8,000 USD)


A Discord utility bot for moderating and managing servers. Added to around 1.2K servers.

2020 (no longer exists)

Marshmallow Mod

A Minecraft mod that added marshmallow-themed items into the game and made naturally generating "marshmallow clouds".

2019 (no longer exists)

and more...

99% of my projects were too small to matter or were archived/deleted.

< 2018


{ Where can you find me? }

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